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Effective Fall 2019
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Pandemic Adaptations • Adaptaciones a la Pandemia

Due to the exigencies of the Covid-19 pandemic LVS has converted or is converting a significant part of its in-class training to an online format. We have identified low-cost computing tools to facilitate this conversion for students. The printed catalog from 2019 does not reflect those changes, which are being annotated within individual course descriptions as efficiently as possible. ESPAÑOL


Bookkeeping Assistant Certificate

Program Code: BAC18-19

Prepares students for employment as an entry level Bookkeeper or Accounting Clerk (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll). The Bookkeeping Assistant Certificate is a program of basic courses designed for students with little or no accounting experience. The certificate provides students with an introduction to basic accounting skills and business technology used by small businesses. The program is intended to give students the necessary skills in bookkeeping, taxes, financial software, and communication for employment with small businesses. The Certificate emphasizes practical accounting theory and day-to-day skills used in the field. Embedded in the certificate is a thorough training in a leading accounting software package.

Upon successful completion of the course curriculum, students will receive a Bookkeeping Assistant Certificate.

Students must test at or above ABE ESL Level 5.


Program Details

Office Assistant Certificate

Program Code: COA18-19

Program prepares students for employment as an Office Assistant, Administrative Assistant, or Customer Service Representative. The program focuses on providing students the required knowledge and skills for a successful career as an Office Assistant. Students will gain a strong background in computer skills, office skills, business communication and customer service.

Upon successful completion of the course curriculum, students will receive a Certified Office Assistant Certificate.

Students must test ABE ESL in Level 4 or above, and have CASAS Reading & Listening scores of 207 or higher.


Program Details

Prerequisites * Prerequísitos

Students are not required to possess a High School Diploma or General Education Development (GED) Diploma, but if they do not have either they are required to take the CASAS placement test prior to class enrollment. The applicant must be at least 18 years of age. Students must also meet minimum English language proficiency requirements for the program of study.
Clock Hours
Classes are based on Clock Hours of training. Each clock hour represents either 60 minutes of in-class instruction, or 60 minutes of lab instruction/practice. The number of clock hours per class, and total required hours for Certificate vary based on area of study.

Language • Idioma

The primary language of instruction for all classes is English. However, LETI Vocational School is distinguished by having thoroughgoing support for Spanish speakers who speak English as a Second Language, either with bilingual instructors or with bilingual teaching assistants. We work closely with our own instructors and other schools to assure that graduates are prepared to operate in their chosen specialties in English — with solid bilingual capability. Bilingual skills are encouraged and cultivated, as we consider them to be helpful in job search and career advancement.

Admission Fee
New students will pay a $25 admissions fee (one-time only) Admission fee is refundable up to the 5th day after signing the enrollment agreement.